The Interview

Interview with Catrina Costa

I understand you are a swinger, is that correct?

I am. I’ve been a swinger for about five years now, and hosted bi-friendly swinger’s parties and gangbang parties for about four years.

Did you participate in the action at the parties?

(Giggles) Of course! I always played, what can I say? I love dick!I Like Dick

Are you straight, bi-sexual, or?

Yes (laughs). I’ve always described myself as “bi-situational”; it depends on my mood at the time. I’ve played with several women and always enjoyed the experience.

You mentioned gangbangs, how many guys have you had a time?

Depends on what you mean. There is only room around me for about eight at a time, and I only have … can only pay attention to five at a time. One in each hand, one or two in my mouth, and… one elsewhere. The most I’ve had in a night was 28.

28? You’ve played with 28 guys at a single party?

Yes. I fucked and sucked every one of them at least once, most two, even three or more times. I’m multi-orgasmic; imagine riding a wave of orgasms for over three solid hours! I was exhausted, but very satisfied at the end of the evening. And all the guys left with a smile.

The party was setup so there would be four or five guys for each girl, six other ladies were confirmed. They either didn’t show, or panicked at the site of so many guys. I had a blast! They all left with a smile.

Shoot with Jay Mann at AVNYou are also a porn star. How did you get into that work?

As a swinger, I have profiles on a number of swinger’s boards; one of those is Fetlife, a board for BDSM. An agent for the adult film industry saw my profile there and asked if I would be interested in doing some MILF shoots. For my very first shoot, they flew me out to Florida all expenses paid. I remember thinking, “I get to have fun, have sex, and I get paid?” Remember, I wasn’t a Lover at the Love Ranch North yet, I was just a swinger, and enjoy having sex! So I did the shoot. It was hard work, but I loved it. Since then I’ve been featured by both 50PlusMILF’s website and in their magazine, (yes, I’m over 50, shhh!); by; among others, you can even find me on Pornhub. I’m known as The MILF Next Door. And, of course, you can see even more of me on my special VIP site.

So how did you get from porn to being a courtesan, a Lover at the Love Ranch North?

Did I mention I like sex? (Laughs)

I like doing porn; I feel I’m pretty good at it, and, (laughs) I can deliver a line! Yes the sex can be fun, but sex in adult films isn’t as natural, and it generally lacks intimacy.

I like connecting with people, talking with them and getting to know them. Helping them relax and enjoy themselves. So many people today need someone to be intimate with, someone with whom they can unburden themselves. And, it often helps if they can be physically intimate with that person too! Listening, getting to know someone, developing mental and/or physical intimacy, I enjoy providing all of these services.

What do you offer that is unique? Why should someone choose you as a Lover?

Catrina Wine Tasting Outdate

That’s a tough one; there are some amazing women here at the Ranch. You really couldn’t go wrong with any of them.
First and foremost, I enjoy what I do and I’m doing it because I like sharing the experience. Watch my movies, you’ll see me cum a lot (I even have a 20 minute “cumpilaton” on Pornhub with just clips of me cumming)… none of those were faked. I won’t fake anything with you. I like sex and my body seems to know that.

As a swinger I’ve been with, and enjoyed, all types: virgins; couples; cuck’s; a midget; the old; 20-somethings; all colors and races (I have made a number of interracial videos); bi-, straight, and somewhere in between. I have been spanked, flogged, and whipped; been Dominated and been submissive; been on both ends of being tied up; made air-tight (a cock in all three holes); given and received golden showers; and done anal… Point is, your request won’t shock me. Chances are I’ve done it, enjoyed it, and have been waiting for someone just like you to come along to do it again! (And yes, I enjoy “normal” sex too!)

And I enjoy just being with someone, discussing topics of interest, experiencing new things together, just sharing time. My favorite meal is sushi, but I like most anything – steak, seafood, Italian, burgers, you name it! I love wine-tastings, exploring new places with someone. Other than the airport, I have not seen Reno and have never been to Tahoe. And Vegas, I discover something new every time I go!

So whether you are visiting a brothel for your first time; are a regular; are looking for hot wild kinky sex, or gentle intimate sex; or are just looking for someone to share a meal or a night; I would be honored to share some time with you.

How can someone get in touch with you or set up a date?

Best way is to call the Ranch to arrange an appointment at (775) 246-7077.

You can also email me at

And contact me on Twitter @TheCatrinaCosta

My VIP site is (Book an outdate with me and get a 6-month VIP membership free)

Catrina at the Love Ranch North