My Second Act

50 Year Old Prostitute at a Brothel

My Second Act: Becoming a Legal Prostitute in my 50’s

When people walk into the Love Ranch North and see me in a lineup several things go through their minds: “there is the girl next door”, “oh wow the MILF from my teenage years”, and “what is a nice girl like that doing here?” But what they do not know is how I came to be here and what my life was before. Until now, as I give a quick break down of how I am having the best time of my life, after 50, working as a legal prostitute.

Most people knew me as an accounting manager who worked for over twenty years in the healthcare industry. They might even know me as a mother who has raised her children, shuttling them between music lessons, soccer, and any other activity they wanted to do. Or perhaps the Navy brat, living at bases all around the country. I grew up to be the wife who always put my needs after the needs of my husband and family. Others knew me as a hard-working mom who earned three degrees at night while raising children, keeping house, cooking dinners, and pursuing a full time demanding career.

Catrina Costa started a new chapter at Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch in her 50's
Catrina Costa started a new chapter at Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch in her 50’s

Then at forty-two, children grown and divorced, I decided to do something for myself and started down a new path exploring facets of life that I had been putting off or had set aside.

The path first took me to California where I discovered the Swinging Lifestyle. During my years as a swinger I learned a number of things about myself. I learned I truly enjoyed sex! No really, who knew it would take over forty years to discover how much I enjoyed sex — and to have my first orgasm! After my first gang bang, just weeks after my first threesome, I learned I not only love sex, but I love dick! I also found out I am multi-orgasmic and could even, under the right circumstances, squirt! (They used to joke that it took six guys to make me squirt!) I learned how to pleasure men and women, while thoroughly enjoying the experience myself. For a few years I hosted swinging parties, both couples and gang bang parties. I even developed a distinct blowjob technique… which I was later told was a “Texas Tongue Twirl”.

Swinging led me to BDSM (Bondage-Domination-Submission), where I learned that, while I am a natural submissive, I also thoroughly enjoy being a Domme, making me a “Switch.” I found I can cum, just from being spanked. I found that I really get off on tying someone up and pushing their boundaries. I enjoy having my own boundaries pushed and pushing those of my partner. This was something I had never heard of, in my previous life, but feel very comfortable in and enjoy to the point of reaching euphoria.

A natural submissive, this 50 year old become a prostitute at Dennis Hof's Love Ranch brothel

During my time as a swinger, I answered an ad for an adult film and was accepted. Before I knew it, they were flying me to Florida for a two-day shoot. My first film was the boy next door’s mother’s best friend. (Poor guy, I continued playing with him when the camera was off and he popped early. He had a hard time performing in the next scene.) The second day, I got to tie up the boy I shot with, before he took me anally on camera. I’ve been published in the Netherlands, in magazine and DVD in the states. If any of you have seen my DVD’s, let me just state, for the record, I am a MILF (“Mother I would Like to Fuck”) not a GILF (“Granny I would Like to Fuck”) as the title of my DVD indicates.

Then, at age 51, I saw that the Love Ranch North, one of Dennis Hof’s famous family of brothels was hiring. On a lark, I applied. None of the other brothels appeared to accept MILF’s my age, they like their girls to be unexperienced 20’somethings. True, that can be fun, but a MILF like me brings so much more to the table! As a result, I never thought I would be accepted. Yet, here I am! Having the time of my life! Best thing about it is I have never felt younger, and I am proof that it is never too late for a new adventure.

50 year old prostitute says I've never felt younger

As a, previous, Housewife, I learned that marriage does not always ensure sex. And even if it does, it is often unsatisfying. While married, my husband’s idea of sex was to wake me up in the middle of the night, spin me around and enter me… dry, not ready, not even awake. And he was done before I even knew what had happened. I didn’t know any better, I thought that was all there was. Wham, bam, … but not “thank you ma- am”. I learned that sometimes someone outside, someone new, is the only way to satisfy the needs everyone has. I’ve since learned that sometimes one just needs new inspiration, new techniques, that one can take back to their marriage to reignite that special spark. As a courtesan, I’m trained to help in that area.

As a Swinger, I learned many advanced sexual techniques. Learned those from a group that experience more sex, and more variety in sex, than any other group in the population. I learned about different fetishes and different needs – but, more importantly, I learned how to satisfy those needs. I also learned how to have sex with a couple, sex without entanglement, sex that enhances their relationship. I learned that sex is a natural thing, and that everyone needs it, craves it, and desires it. It is also fun and exhilarating.

As a Switch, I learned how a little pain can stimulate, how controlling another and pushing boundaries can enhance sex. How freeing it can be to have another take total control. I learned that giving up control to another is the most empowering thing that anyone can do. Letting go and just giving in to the feelings of a little pain is hypnotic.

Housewife, Swinger, Switch, Porn Star, Courtesan: Catrina Costa is having the best time of her life, after 50, as a legal prostitute.

As a Porn Star, I learned even more advanced sexual techniques. I learned how to increase… or delay, orgasm. Delaying an orgasm can cause a bigger more intense orgasm when it is finally allowed to happen. Also, learning to orgasm on command was amazing too.

As a Courtesan, I’ve learned how to concentrate on the needs of my sexual partner. How to really focus on what they want and need. I have learned that sometimes those needs are not physical but simply emotional and just the need to have someone to listen to them. Someone to have a conversation with. Because I am a MILF I have the ability to have a conversation that includes life-long learning and experience. I have learned to instruct both men and women on how to please their partners even if it is a “wham, bam, thank you ma-am” because time is short. But I have also learned so many new techniques on giving long lasting pleasure to my partner, the things I learned in the past have been improved upon through my experience here as a courtesan. My primary focus is on making sure my clients thoroughly enjoy their time with me, that they leave fulfilled. I know what it feels like to be “of a certain age” and sexually unfulfilled — So, I pull out all of the stops and give 150% of myself to make sure that every single adventure is the best. As a Housewife, I was just there. As a Swinger, my pleasure was as much, if not more so, important as theirs. As a Porn Star, the camera ruled – its needs outweighed any others. As a Courtesan, your needs are my primary concern. However, as a Courtesan, I am having the best sex of my life. The connections with my clients are exciting and are driving my pleasure to new heights. Want to know a secret? I have more fulfilling sex as a Courtesan than I have ever had in my life. So, if I am having the best most fulfilling sex ever, don’t you think you should be too?

Yes, I am having the best time of my life, after 50, as a legal prostitute.

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