Sex in Love

Sex: Is it really better if you're in love?

Sex: Is It Really Better if You're in Love?

A lot of people will tell you that great sex can only be between two people that are truly in love. And, don’t get me wrong, sex between two people in love can be truly great, however, just because you are in love does not mean you are likely to have great sex…let alone even good sex.

Now you might remember the first time you had sex with a new partner, or even your spouse. You might remember it being the best sex of your life. But if you really think back, how was it a week or a month later? Not as good, was it? In fact, if you are honest, it was boring, plain, uninspired, and probably the worst sex of your life. Why is that? The first time we have sex it is blinded by the excitement of something new, and in some cases it has just been so long that any sex would be better than none! We ignore all the bad things in the excitement of the moment. Eventually, as the novelty wears off, we begin to realize there are more “bad things” than good things and the sex becomes just another activity, if we even continue to have sex at all.

Why are there more “bad things” than “good things” in our sexual activity with someone we love? Simply because most people don’t know how to do sex “right.” They have no real skill in the art of “making love.” They rush thru every aspect of sex without taking time to enjoy each other or the feelings that are going on within their bodies. They try as many positions as they can think of without knowing why they are trying them or if they actually even feel good. They just know they saw them somewhere. They try to seem experienced by what they think they are doing right when in reality they are not. But no one says a thing so nothing changes.

Sex worker Catrina Costa makes the arguement that the greatest sex can be had without love
Catrina Costa from Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch North

How did you find out about sex? Maybe you experimented in the back seat of a car with someone equally inept, repeating what felt good. Is that the best way to learn a new skill? To develop an art? Just fumble along, the blind leading the blind? Think about it how much do you really know about having sex. What do you know about pleasing another person…what do you know about pleasing yourself. Could you help someone learn to please you? No, then how do you expect your sex life to get any better by following the same pattern.

Maybe you read or watch porn. Perhaps you even learned a technique or two that actually work in the real world. Most guys just end up angering, or even hurting, their partner by trying something impractical they saw in porn. Not every position you see in porn is designed to be used during your sexual encounter, they are not what feels best, but are what is best for the camera angle. Think about it? Men, have you ever had a lady climb on top for sex? How many of them chose to face your feet in the position seen in virtually every porn “Reverse Cowgirl”? I’ll bet none of them (if you have had one choose that position, take that as a hint and check your breath next time!). Why? Why is that position in nearly every porn but never in real life? Because it doesn’t feel as good for the lady, and generally women like to look into your eyes, to see you. So if it doesn’t feel good, doesn’t offer connection why is it in so many porns? Because it looks great on camera. That is right just because it looks good on camera does not mean it feels good in reality. So remember that if you want to make a hot sex tape, but forget that position if you want your lady to enjoy the session! I could go on about other positions in porn’s that are downright awkward and uncomfortable, and even a few that are downright dangerous. I have been in porn films, and if you watch carefully, the non-porn positions are generally the ones in which you’ll see me cumming (over and over and over again!).

With the experience I have had in my private life, in porn, and as a legal licensed courtesan I maintain that the best sex is with someone who is experienced. The one who has practiced the art of making sex enjoyable for both parties. Someone with the skills and knowledge to not only make the current session more fulfilling but to raise your level of knowledge and experience, to make you a better lover in the process.

Catrina Costa discussses Sex and Love
Catrina Costa, a MILF porn star, chats with fans and prospective clients

The first thing I have learned as a legal licensed courtesan is that in order to make your fantasies come true I need to truly listen to you and your needs and wants. I enjoy listening to your stories, ideas, fantasies, and learning what makes you tick. This gives me an advantage since it allows me to use every skill I have to make you feel good, let you enjoy yourself, and give you the best mind blowing orgasm you have ever had. So the ability to not only make our time together more enjoyable by showing you tricks I have learned in my own life experiences, but also those I have learned on porn sets. But since I am a life long learner I love to research topics and then thru practice I do my best to perfect those new skills to make you my VIP and fulfill your fantasy. On top of all that I really enjoy sex and being a courtesan. One of the other important parts of being good at sex is actually enjoying it. I can honestly say that I do enjoy it and enjoy it even more when I see that you are enjoying yourself as well.

Here at the Love Ranch North, you’ll find ladies that are trained and practiced in the art of sex. Ladies that enjoy sharing their knowledge with you. Ladies that are patient and willing to train you. Ladies that are ready to share that art of sex.

Our ladies enjoy instructing and practicing with both men and women. You could come alone to learn what we have to offer, however consider bringing your lover with you. What better way to add a new thrill to a boring sex life than for both of you to work together, under our guidance, to become great lovers together. We love to work with couples to teach each of you things that you may not know to help you have a better sex life to enjoy a more satisfying and enjoyable orgasm.

After you have learned from me or one of the other ladies, then you can truly enjoy great sex with the one you love or come to the Love Ranch North and have mind blowing sex with one of us.

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